Shimano’s e-MTB integrated system offer the most intuitive and natural pedalling. For the 2022 season we introduce the EP8 motor on the renewed Dusk full suspension models and the E7000 on the Thundra hardtail. The EP8 represents a great evolution and among its most important features we find its compact design being 10% smaller and also 10% lighter than the previous E8000 with a reduced Q-Factor of 175mm. The internal friction has been reduced by up to 50%, its torque (engine assistance) has been increased to 85Nm and in ECO mode we are now able to ride up to 20% more distance than with the previous E8000. It is also quieter - with a sound level similar to that of the E7000 - and in terms of its assistance modes, the new Trail mode stands out, which is capable of performing up to the Boost mode following our pedalling forces. Thanks to the new Shimano e-Tube App update, we will be able to configure the different motor riding parameters to our liking in a very easy and intuitive way, being able to customize and choose between two different activity profiles that we have previously created. 

The E7000 model on the Thundra remains unchanged with a maximum torque of 60Nm. Both Dusk and Thundra feature an integrated long-life internal battery with 630Wh capacity. Also, we can combine its use with an extra external battery with 360 Wh -sold as an optional ítem- to achieve 990Wh of total range.


  • e-MTB: Double the fun, up and down. 
  • Leading e-MTB technology from Shimano.
  • New EP8 motor more powerful and efficient.
  • Maintenance free, compact design, maximum reliability.
  • Long lasting (optional) range: 630Wh + 360Wh.


  • Customizables Eco, Trail and Boost modes. 
  • Very compact and lightweight design, short chainstays.
  • Integrated battery design + external battery for 990Wh range.