STEALTH CARBON is the most advanced carbon fibre development and optimisation technology in the Mondraker range. This constantly developing technology brings all the experience gained in making aluminium frames to top of the range carbon fibre to meet the same innovation, maximum quality, minimum weight and strength requirements. Carbon fibre layers’ placement is a crucial technique with specific positioning and direction of the different quality fibres for each bike type and model. The result is a frame with the best strength / structural rigidity / trail buzz absorption / lightness ratio, exceptional reliability and a very attractive and unique 100% Mondraker look.

Chrono Carbon is the flagship model featuring STEALTH CARBON technology.


  • Distinctive looks
  • Leading carbon manufacturing process
  • Best strength / structural rigidity / trail buzz absorption / lightness ratio


STEALTH AIR is the most refined and lightest Carbon manufacturing process at Mondraker.

STEALTH AIR CARBON is the most refined and lightest Carbon manufacturing process at Mondraker. Every carbon layer is specifically and carefully applied in each area of the frame with a given and specific purpose that makes the most stylish, evolved and advanced carbon fibre frame in the Mondraker range. Cutting-edge industrial design, aero-style profile, maximum stiffness / lightest weight / superior compliance ratio are common features of STEALTH AIR CARBON.

Trail chatter is sometimes overlooked, and this is a critical feature specially on a highest quality carbon frameset. You will find STEALTH AIR CARBON on our new 2022 Summum Carbon, SuperFoxy Carbon, Foxy Carbon and Raze and on our cross country racing benchmark models F-Podium Carbon, F-Podium Carbon DC and Podium Carbon. Specially on such a lightweight record model as the Podium Carbon hardtail our FlatStays design solves this traditional problem filtering all those extra riding vibrations without the need of an extra cutaway seatstays + elastomer solution for a second-to-none riding comfort on a pure Carbon hardtail frame. 

Summum Carbon, Crafty Carbon, SuperFoxy Carbon, Foxy Carbon, Raze, F-Podium Carbon DC, F-Podium Carbon and Podium Carbon are the flagship models featuring STEALTH AIR CARBON technology.


  • Cutting-edge signature-style profile carbon industrial design.
  • Most refined and lightest STEALTH CARBON manufacturing.
  • Maximum compliance, trail buzz absorption and stiffness to weight ratio.