ZERO is Mondraker’s proprietary most efficient, best performing and super capable suspension system. ZERO is individually designed, set up and optimised for the best pedalling efficiency and biggest hit capability on each Mondraker full suspension model across the range, from little Factor 24 or F-Play 24 models to Summum Alloy and Summum Carbon World Cup & World Championship winning downhill bikes.

ZERO is a virtual pivot suspension system with an exclusive dual link design. The most unique and exclusive feature of ZERO is that the shock floats between the two suspension links and is compressed from both ends. This makes the rear suspension extremely supple on small bumps and big hit capable, really the most acknowledgeable and astounding feature of every Mondraker full suspension bike.

ZERO superior technologies’ main advantages are Zero power loss -a completely stable ride when pedalling-, Zero pedal kickback-minimum chain growth throughout the suspension travel-, Zero brake jack –isolated braking and suspension forces- and what we call Zero bumps, its great ability to soak up any type of bump keeping the rear wheel efficiently planted on the ground.


ZERO POWER LOSS. High pedalling efficiency. The power applied to pedals is transformed to immediate forward motion without any extra compression or extension of the rear shock.

ZERO PEDAL KICKBACK. Chain length growth throughout the suspension travel is minimum, so pedalling is as effective and efficient as possible.

ZERO BRAKE JACK. Rear brake forces do not work against suspension forces. The rear shock works supple and freely and absorb impacts without any suspension stiffening caused for the rear brake action.

ZERO BUMPS. The most remarkable feature of the system is its excellent suppleness on rough terrain and a completely stable ride when pedalling. 

You can find Mondraker’s exclusive and patented Zero Suspension System on all Mondraker full suspension mountain bike range.

ZERO IS MONDRAKER’S EXCLUSIVE and patented Suspension System.

ZERO IS OPTIMISED FOR EACH CATEGORY and suspension travel, providing the best absorption and pedalling efficiency.

ZERO STANDS OUT FOR OFFERING THE BEST OVERALL PERFORMANCE, stable under pedalling and the most active, sensitive and supple in rough terrain over any other suspension system in the market.


Global evolution in the entire collection of Mondraker e-MTB full suspension models and common feature in all of them is the optimization of the ZERO System specifically designed for the category. The same attributes of ZERO System that we apply for the rest of our full suspension models can also be applied to the entire range of electric mountain bikes, with three differentiating and exclusive traits of the new e-Bike optimized ZERO kinematics.

Minimal chain growth by the action of the rear suspension, a kinematic optimization that maintains the trajectory of the virtual pivot point more stable and a way more progressive rear suspension action. These three optimizations result in a significant increase in initial suppleness and an overall more capable suspension system which in turn leads to a more controlled and more stable ride. Our new e-Bike optimized Zero Suspension System is firmer for climbing and ensures a perfect use of the entire suspension travel in the descents avoiding unexpected bottom outs. This new generation kinematics is present in all Mondraker full suspension e-BIke models and represents an important leap in evolution of performance and a new experience of extraordinary enjoyment on any new Mondraker e-MTB.


MORE NEUTRAL REAR SUSPENSION: Less chain growth and no brake jack.  

MORE STABLE VIRTUAL PIVOT POINT TRAJECTORY: Kinematic optimization that keeps the trajectory of the virtual pivot point more stable throughout the total rear suspension travel.

INCREASED INITIAL SUPPLENESS AND MORE PROGRESSIVENESS: More sensitive and supple beginning stroke that improves traction and comfort, as well as a greater overall progressivity that allows a firmer and a more stable ride while climbing, with the perfect use of all the suspension travel in the descents avoiding unwanted bottom outs; a must-have on any e-MTB bike according to its heavier weight.


SIGNIFICANTLY MORE SUPPLE BEGINNING STROKE REAR SUSPENSION PERFORMANCE, more capable overall and way more progressive for the best use of the rear suspension and utmost riding experience.